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The Southern Cross R Pattern 25' Windmill

Just how Green can you get?

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This huge Southern Cross R Pattern 25' Windmill is used to pump water to a reservoir 2 miles away and 200' uphill.

It was one of the final batch of R Pattern direct-acting windmills built by Australia's Southern Cross company.

This is a strong, simple, working machine which pumps water for livestock to drink - how different from a complex wind turbine which pumps money out of the government's latest subsidy scheme?

The windmill-powered jet d'eau
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This fountain is powered entirely by the wind. It uses neither electricity nor taxpayer dollars - quite unlike the Canberra Fountain.

Windmill Maintenance   This is essential reading for the safety of anyone involved in windmill maintenance.

The Windmill Journal  This is an important practical and historical publication about Australian windmills.

The Iron Man Windmill Company of Wuhan, China  This company makes windmills and windmill pumps.

The Aermotor Windmill Company  The most significant remaining US windmill manufacturer.

Australian Windmill Contractors' Association   An association of contractors who service windmills in Australia.  The formation of this Association in 2004 was a very important step towards the retention of Australia's practical windmill skill and knowledge.

Greener Still and Greener  We all know that rail is the most fuel-efficient form of land transport.  Yet for some reason the personal train is only now beginning to replace the personal automobile.  Read "Kit Train" - the magazine for do-it-yourself railroaders.

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A water lily in the pond which is filled by the small windmill